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A Different Kind of Baptist Church

GRACE - Unmerited Favor - From God to us, and from us to one another.

TRUTH - As God's Word defines - Shared without Apology - Embraced in One's Life

LOVE - A reflection of the mind of Christ in us.  We love Him because He first loved us, and because we are His, we can love one another.

At Morning Star Baptist Church, we aspire to exhibit all of these attributes.  Where some churches are friendly, but lack biblical teaching - and others cling heavily to doctrine, but lack charity, we realize that to truly call ourselves Christian we must not only believe and talk about grace - we must embody it.

Are we a perfect church full of perfect people?  Hardly.  But we are a people with a love for Jesus Christ.  We are a people with a passion for His Word.  And we are a people who are passionate about seeing others come to know Him as well.

Come and visit us and see the difference!

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